Preservation Requires Adherence
Adherence Requires Understanding
Understanding Requires Reference

Sadly, These Are Radical Ideas in U.S. Politics Today.

All Unconstitutional Acts Destroy Savings, Freedoms, & Lives.
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An Open Letter to Chamber of Commerce Members Nationwide
Dear Chamber Member,
I am writing to you today to enlist your help in restoring the U.S. free market system to a more stable and profitable state. As you are well aware there are factions throughout the world that want to place the blame for all of society's ills on the capitalist free market system. For years these factions have worked to separate the people of the U.S. from the Constitution's founding concepts of limited government whose primary goal is to secure the right of all people to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They have done this because they know that it is the U.S. Constitution's assurances of the freedom of the people to engage in a free market which stands most squarely in the way of their global big government goals.
The Founders faced similar big government factions when the Constitution was first written but they knew that a limited government would only come about if its definition were equally limited and thus the original Constitution could be printed on just four sheets of newspaper. With such a relatively small document the Founders were able to take advantage of the ability of most printing presses in the colonies to cheaply produce full copies for anyone that wanted them. This allowed for the Constitution to be very widely distributed, read, and rallied around.
Two hundred plus years later, most offices in America have a laser printer and even with 27 amendments the U.S. Constitution and Declaration Of Independence can now be printed in their entirety on one double sided sheet of 8.5"x14" legal paper. The Single Sheet Constitution (pdf) accordion folds into a convenient bookmark or it can be folded once more to fit neatly into a shirt pocket. It is intended to be both a handy quick reference as well as an item of interest to foster further conversation.
I firmly believe that with your help and that of chamber members all across the country providing free copies of the Single Sheet Constitution next to every cash register and on every public facing reception desk we can bring about a renewed discussion of national policies within a Constitutional framework. By doing this over time we will turn the tide of public sentiment and thus public policy away from over regulation, over taxation, and other excessive burdens on the free exercise of commerce within the United States.
Thank you for your time and investment in the future of American Commerce
Emil DeVries
Radical Constitutionalist.

There is no more Dangerous & Deadly group of people then those who seek Positions of Power over many in a Delusional quest to "help" a few.