Fat-Ten-ed Stars

Imagine what would happen in Hollywood if the 1890's passion for larger women were to return.  Below are a few "slightly" morphed photos of some of today's TV and movie stars as they might look if that, I.M.H.O., oh so wondrous day were to arrive.*

Elizabeth Hurley

This is my personal favorite, not because I like Elizabeth Hurley but because I think it is the best of the morphs, and after all I am a belly man! 


Gwyneth Paltrow


Jennifer Love Hewitt


Sandra Bullock


Catherine Zeta-Jones


* Those that know me, know that I'm being silly here and while I do adore big women, I don't think that anyone should kill themselves trying to gain or lose weight, or change their appearance in any way, to please anyone other then themselves.

NOTE: I did not morph these pictures and have no idea who did.  They were forwarded to me via e-mail by a friend.  I assert no claims of copyright over the original or morphed pictures above.  If you are, or happen to know who is, the copyright owner of the pictures below and you (or them) would like the picture removed from this site, feel free to contact me.